Treatment Options

Here are some of the treatments offered by General Dentist George McCully.

Aesthetic Dentistry to Improve or Restore Your Smile

  • Whitening teeth
  • Reshaping and recontouring teeth
  • Providing tooth-colored fillings
  • Restoring badly worn teeth
  • Restoring a smile lost due to trauma, decay or a discolored filling
  • Closing gaps and spaces between teeth

Restoring Bite and Chewing Ability

  • Occlusal (biting surface) analysis
  • Night guards to protect teeth while you sleep
  • Bite splints (mandibular orthopedic repositioning appliance)
  • Bite correction and equilibration
  • Full mouth reconstruction

Children and Facial Development

  • Cleaning and fluoride treatment
  • Charting loss of first teeth
  • Monitoring development and oral health
  • Gentle, pain-free fillings
  • Treatment For Minor Abnormal Facial Growth

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Therapy

  • Stress relieving drugs to help control short-term pain
  • Physical therapy to relax overworked muscles
  • Interocclusal therapy to help the muscles relax
  • Surgery is used as a last resort if damage exists

Before and After Photos